"Not everyone has it but that doesn’t stop people from judging creative work because there is no fear of being proved wrong. One can always hide behind the ‘it is my opinion’ argument. Sadly, many disillusioned armchair critics constantly bend the line between words and deeds to such an extent that having an opinion combined with a way of words suddenly makes you a design thinker. These people don’t realize that playing the game is much different from standing on the sideline and watching it."

Sreeraman Mohan Girija

This is a passage from a longer article titled “Ignore the Design Please.” This is a must read for designers and non-designers alike. It really exposes some truths, stigmas, and stereotypes that come with the title of “Designer” and just the general concept of design.

For instance, the author starts right off with how function is sometimes valued over form (hence the title), and the thought that design is just “form”. The two expressions go together; one can’t exist without the other. I mean, come on, it’s “form & function” for a reason. Sheesh. It’s why you see a lot of great ideas with poor execution, which might as well be a bad idea because no one will care.

And like most good articles, I think it sets up some really good conversations on how to turn perceptions around (and how in some cases they already are). Take a read.

(via ialreadydontlikeyou)

(via ialreadydontlikeyou)

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